Collocation – Health & Sickness


1. Adults who have diabetes need to make some
a) with multiple sclerosis.
2. After a series of exams, Diana was diagnosed b) vaccinations before traveling to a
tropical country.
3. He suffers from chronic c) the pain and reduce swelling.
4. He takes some very strong prescription d) medications to treat his bipolar
5. If you pull a muscle, ice can help relieve e) insurance, so she had to pay for the
surgery herself.
6. Japan has the highest life f) injuries – just some cuts and bruises.
7. My daughter has a bad g) ill and should be made as
comfortable as possible.
8. My son needs to get some h) expectancy in the world, at 83 years.
9. She didn’t have health i) diet and get lots of exercise.
10. The best way to lose weight is to eat a
j) cold, so she’s staying home from
school today.
11. The patient in room 4 is terminally k) changes, such as cutting down on
12. They walked away from the accident with
l) back pain thanks to years of poor


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