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The chart compares the changes that took place between 2001 and 2006 in relation to the percentage of overseas students who graduated from universities in Canada. In 2001, the proportion of students from other countries who graduated in Canada ranged from three percent in Ontario to seven percent in New Brunswick. Nova Scotia had the second highest percentage at 6.5. Five years later, the figures for most provinces had risen by two to three percent, with the exception of Alberta. There, figures fell by one percent to just over four percent. A closer look at the chart reveals that significant growth occurred in New Brunswick, where the figures rose from seven to just under 12 percent. However, the biggest increase took place in British Columbia, where the percentage of graduates more than doubled,  reaching almost 11 percent in 2006. over this five-year period, some parts of Canada experienced a considerable increase in their proportion of overseas graduates, although New Brunswick remained  the province with the highest percentage overall

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