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Task 2 (advantage) 

In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve public transportation. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution? 

Bố cục: 

Mở bài: Nêu topic + Chỉ ra thuận lợi và không thuận lợi của sự việc, giải pháp….

Thân Bài: 

Đoạn 1 (thuận lợi) 

  • Câu topic (việc… có 1 số thuận lợi) 
  • Câu main idea 1 + Các câu support
  • Câu main idea 2+ Các câu support 
  • …..

Đoạn 2 (Không thuận lợi) 

——Y như Đoạn

Kết bài: 

  • Nêu thuận  lợi và không thuận lợi 
  • New idea (nếu có) hoặc giải pháp. 


Advantage Disadvantage 
The government have more money from tax to invest … Less people use private cars -> reducing traffic jam, the number of car accidentsCar industry face/encounter  difficulties -> Car companies may go bankrupt -> leading to the high rate of unemployment This can cause  a financial burden on drivers 

Viet bai 

Mo bai: 

Nowadays, traffic issues are increasingly serious. To tackle (solve, address) these, the government should impose a  large amount of levy (money from taxation)  on private vehicle owners. I think this practice (solution/measure) has both the positives and the negatives.

 Doan 1 


On the one hand, taxing private car owners highly has some benefits. 

Firstly, the government will increase more tax money (levy)  on private vehicles. Therefore, They can spend this kind of money on enhancing (improving/upgrading/intensifying/boosting) public transportation such as trains, buses, infrastructures…

Secondly, When public means of transportation gradually become more developed and modernized, more people prefer to commute (travel) by this kind of transportation, leading to (resulting in) the decrease (slump) in the number of people (commuters/travelers)using private cars. As a result, This will partly contribute to solving (handling/tackling/addressing)traffic problems such as traffic jams (traffic congestions), car accidents… which are mainly caused (inflicted)by private cars. 

Doan 2 


On the other hand, Economy and the owners also suffer from (endure) financial issues if they are taxed (levied) heavily (massively=extremely, greatly)

First and foremost, taxing Cars highly discourages (deter/prevent/stop) people from buying cars. This can cause a negative impact (influence/effect/consequence)  on the car industry in particular as well as (and) the economy in general. 

Hence,  a great deal of  (many)  car manufacturers may go bankrupt if less people travel by private vehicles, possibly leading to (resulting in/causing)the high rate of unemployment.

What’s more (in addition), drivers who use private cars have to spend an extra sum of money on the additional tax. This can cause (inflict) a financial burden on them, especially on people of the middle-class. 

In conclusion, imposing (forcing/urging/enforcing) heavy tax on private car owners brings advantages and disadvantages. The government needs to take this into consideration.

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