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This days and age, in many schools, students have to wear uniforms everyday. Some people think that this is necessary. I will explain why I agree with the view. Firstly, wearing uniforms with the logo which made by students’ school can’t only let people know which school students study, but students are also proud of their school. Secondly, all students are wear same clothes so it will avoid discrimination between wealth and poverty among students. In addition, almost students are have to go to school 5 or 6 days of week, if they didn’t wear uniforms, they would take time to choose clothes for school, that can make they are late to go to school. Therefore, this can save their time for another helpful activities.Last but not least, uniforms can be worn for one or two years, so parents don’t spend much money for clothes. Nevertheless, some people protest that view and agree that students should have freedom in their dressing. Uniforms are making them feel uncomfortable. They want to show their style and uniform are not suitable with their own fashion personality. So, requiring students to wear uniforms can them against and enraged the school. In short, wearing uniform brought variety advantages to students, schools, even parents so it is needful to wear uniforms to school.

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