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1. Don’t bother going to the village – it’s not merit / worth / value the trip, there’s really nothing to


2. From our window, we had an unobstructed look / sight / view of the castle up on the mountain.


3. If you want more privacy, there’s a winding / secluded / unobstructed beach an hour’s drive
outside the city.


4. Moving from New York City to a small farm in the midwest was quite a dramatic change of face
/ scenery / view.


5. The all-day boat / ship / sailor trip leaves at 7 AM every morning and takes you to 5 different


6. The hikers tried to find the trail through the dense / heavy / jagged forest.


7. The stream is quite lush / gentle / shallow – the water only comes up to your ankles.


8. This mountain range / span / scenery extends north to Canada.


9. We went bird-watching in the countryside / fauna / wildlife preserve.


10. You can’t get there by car; you have to take the footpath / footroad / footstreet.


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