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1. He worked on fixing the computer for two compact / solid / tight hours before giving up and
calling tech support.


2. He’s always in a press / quick / rush; he never has time to chat.


3. I have a consuming / grueling / ungodly schedule this semester – classes from Monday to
Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM!


4. I left / spent / took the assignment to the last minute and then stayed up all night to write it.


5. In my rush / spare / stick time, I like to read.


6. Organizing all these files is very time- consuming / pressing / falling; I wish I had someone to
help me.


7. Sarah cut back on / got ahead with / stuck to her hours as she entered her eighth month of


8. She’s a fitness nut; she passes / runs / spends ten hours a week at the gym.


9. Leave / Take / Waste as much time as you need to review this information – we don’t need a
response right away.


10. The amount / quantity / portion of time my daughter spends on her cell phone is unbelievable.


11. The company is offering training in time administration / commitment / management to
improve the efficiency of its staff.


12. There is a strict deadline / limit / period for the delivery of this shipment – it must arrive by
January 1, otherwise we’ll lose the contract.


13. There’s a slowdown on highway I-84 due to rush hour / time / span traffic


14. We’ve fallen back / before / behind on our English lessons; the class is on Lesson 10 but we’re
on Lesson 6.


15. You need to schedule your dentist appointment two weeks in advance / ahead / forward.


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