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The table compares the temperature of 5 big cities in the world (regarding the high and the low). 

In general, Rome has the highest temperature while Bogota and Sydney have the lowest temperature for the low and the high respectively  

Rome has the temperature of  89  for the high and 67 for the low, both of which are the highest among 5 cities. 

Next, Tokyo ranks second with 82  for the high and 66  for the low, compared to London which has temperature of  73 for the high and 60 for the low. 

After that, Bogota has the temperature of 62 which is in the fourth place for the high and the temperature for the low is 42,  being the lowest temperature. Finally, Sydney is in the last place for the high (60), and slightly  higher than Bogota for the low (45) 

In conclusion, the positions of all cities for the high are the same as for the low except Bogota and Sidney 

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