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1. I wasn’t convinced by the article; I didn’t think the author adequately helped / provided /
his claims.


2. In her book, Clara Jones aims to refute / refuse / revise the dominant theory using five main


3. Steve Jobs’ leadership was a brief / key / perfect factor in Apple’s success.


4. The first case / draft / try of his report was full of factual errors.


5. The reasons for the war fall into two main categories / summaries / theories: political reasons
and economic reasons.


6. The trajectory of the country after 1930 is a clear / obvious / main illustration of Smith’s theory
in action.


7. These thought-provoking poems draw / make / raise questions about what it means to love


8. This essay draws / goes / proves parallels between the main character in the novel and the
author’s life.


9. This paragraph has nothing to do with any of your main cases / outlines / points, you should get
rid of it.


10. We’d like to carry out / fall into / touch on several issues in today’s meeting


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