Collocation – Appearance

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1. comb / curly / deep-set / facial / medium / muscular / radiant / slender / striking / trim
 This moisturizer will give you a __________________ complexion.

2. She has a __________________ waist and wide hips.

3. He bears a __________________resemblance to a good friend of mine.

4. I’ve never liked my __________________ hair; I wish it was straight.

5. His __________________eyes make him look very pensive.

6. I love men with __________________ hair – I think it’s sexy.

7. Would you please __________________your hair? It looks like you’ve just gotten out of bed.

8. I’m not changing my hairstyle – I’m just getting a __________________

9. He has a __________________ build – he’s not particularly strong, but not especially skinny either.

10. My soccer coach has very __________________ legs

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