Nghe IELTS : unit 1- sec 2

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Questions 11-14

Complete the sentences below, using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

11. Dormouse numbers have fallen 

across the world
as well as in the UK.

12. Dormice are about as heavy as two

pound coins

13. You are most likely to have seen a dormouse in a


14. In the UK, dormice probably live in hedges and woods, and next to


Questions 15-17

Label the identification sheet below. Write the correct letter A–E next to questions 5–8.

15. opened by woodmice 


16. opened by voles 


17. opened by dormice 


Questions 18-20

Complete the summary below, using NO MORE THAN ONE WORD in each space.

If you find nuts opened by dormice 18

where you found them. Put them into some kind of 19 
and 20
them (name and address). Post them to Action for Wildlife.

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