Writing: Cause and effect

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Cụm từ chỉ nguyên nhân

Nhóm 1 : since, because, as + menh de

Nhóm 2: because of, due to + cum tu

EX1: I always eat at restaurants because I dislike cooking

Ex2: Since the weather was so bad, we cancelled our plans

2. Cụm từ chỉ kết quả

I dislike cooking, so I always eat at restaurants ( 1 cau)

I dislike cooking. Therefore, I always eat at restaurants (2 cau)

The weather was bad. For this reason, we canceled our plans.

  • Drivers should not use cell phones because they are distracting.
  • It is dangerous to talk on the phone while driving. Therefore, it should be illegal to use a cell phone while driving.
  • Since restaurant meals are expensive, it is better for the family budget to eat at home.
  • Many people are too busy to care for their elderly relatives at home. Consequently, there is a growing need for nursing homes.

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