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Từ đồng nghĩa

Output: yield (n,v) 

Cost: expense 

Scale -> level 

Pay -> income/salary/wage 

Number ->figure/quantity 

Từ nối so sánh



Compared to /in comparison with 

Followed by 

Bài mẫu (182 words)

Thay Anh  ielts

The table shows how much industrial ships and small boats spend and gain in marine shipping industry.  Overall, Although, the number of small boats is more than 20 times that of industrial ships, output of big-level industry is higher than that of small-level industry. While the number of small boats  is 12.000.000, that of industrial ships is only 500.000. Output of annual catch of each sector is slightly different for consumption food with 29 million tones produced in the industry scale, compared to 24 million tones yielded in the smaller scale. The Amount of Food gained  for Industry us is 22 million tones in big scale  and zero in small scale. Salaries of employees in big scale, being from $25000 to  $250000 which are one hundred times higher than those in small scale. In contrast, The figure for people who work in small boats is 50 times higher, at 40 million compared to 8 million of big scale. Finally, Although, big Scale uses much fewer ships than small scales, it consumes 4 times as much energy as small scales. 

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