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Dưới đây là bài mẫu task 1 process của bạn Khánh Dương, học sinh của Thầy Anh

Bài viết đã được chỉnh sửa đôi chút bởi Thầy Anh

Đề bài

The diagram illustrates how frozen orange juice concentrate is manufactured from original fresh oranges. Overall, there are 9 steps throughout the process, from harvesting fresh oranges from trees to serving the products to consumers.

First, the ripe oranges are gathered before being loaded onto trucks and then transported to the processing plant. After arriving at the plant, the oranges are thoroughly washed by the fruit washer. Next, they are put into a juice extractor, which squeezes out the juice. After that, the extracted liquid is sent to the juice evaporator in order to concentrate the juice. The freezer is utilized in the next step, where concentrated juice is frozen before being put into separated cans. After completing all the seven steps, frozen orange juice concentrate cans are ready for sales and are delivered to retailers and grocery stores to cater to customers’ needs. Consumers can buy and enjoy the delicious orange juice by mixing the concentrate with water then pouring it into glasses.

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