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1. Growing up, I always knew that my father expected me to gain / make / run the family farming business
someday – but I really wanted to
break in / set up / take on my own company. Plus, my dad was terrible
at managing his finances, and his business was constantly on the verge of going
bankrupt / dead /


2. I didn’t want to be a conflict / rival / loss to my parents’ company, so I opened a small supermarket in a
neighboring town and hired / signed / drew two employees. We made a
deal / share / promise with my
father, agreeing that he would be our primary supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables. Despite the tough
competition / contest / opposition in the sector, our little store managed to break equal / even / level
its first year in operation.


3. Our market contract / profit / research showed that there was a big demand for organic food in the
area, so we began offering primarily organic products and raised our prices. Some of our customers
/ took / went
their business elsewhere, but others came from miles away due to our reputation for
excellent products and friendly customer
attendance / kindness / service.


4. Last fall, we drove / hired / launched our own line of organic fruit juices, and that’s when things really
started to
break up / make out / take off. We opened up a café next door to the supermarket, and
business is
blasting / booming / exploding


5. With the budget / profit / output we’re making, we can now invest in expansion and open a branch in
another city. We’re even
doing / making / taking business internationally – I’m about to sign a contract /
product / staff
with an organic coffee supplier from South America.


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