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Collocation – Light

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Read this passage from a story and select the right word to complete each sentence:
Amanda knelt in an enclave of the seventeenth-century church and said a silent prayer. The church was
completely / ultimately dark except for the dozens of flickering / shining candles which lit up the image
of Mary, mother of Jesus. Amanda enjoyed the quiet, sacred atmosphere of these ancient cathedrals
much more than the
bright / vivid lighting and loud music of modern churches.

1.completely / ultimately


2. flickering / shining


3. bright / vivid


She hit / lit a candle in honor of her grandmother and left the church, shielding her eyes from the
blinding / glowing afternoon sunlight. She climbed a hill near the city and sat in the darkness / shade of
an enormous oak tree, where she remained lost in thought until the sky began to
grow / plunge dark.

4. hit / lit


5. blinding / glowing


6. darkness / shade


7. grow / plunge


The sliver / crescent moon rose over the mountains and the stars twinkled / weakened in the mostly
clear sky. Amanda could see the
road / street lights and the faint / pitch glow of a television set through
the window of each house. She decided to maintain her vigil until the sun
came up / went out.

8.sliver / crescent


9. twinkled / weakened


10. road / street


11. faint / pitch


12. came up / went out