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1. A big / large percentage of the human body is made up of water.


2. Choosing whether or not to have children is a big / large decision.


3. I’ll have a hamburger and a big / large milkshake.


4. I’ll have a hamburger and a big / large milkshake.


5. My wedding ring has tiny little / small diamonds embedded in it.


6. The biggest / largest challenge in losing weight is changing your eating habits.


7. The number of people buying CDs is getting littler / smaller every year as MP3s become more


8. The police have released little / small information about the case.


9. These jeans are too little / small for me


10. This foundation provides grants for little / small businesses in developing countries.


11. This new policy will affect a big / large number of our employees.


12. We had a lovely little / small picnic by the lake.


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