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What kind of weather do you like? 

Frankly, I like the hot weather most while many people hate this kind of weather. I do not feel exhausted when it is hot. Moreover, hot weather often comes in the beginning of the summer. So I can play as many outdoor activities as I can at the beach. 

What is the weather in your hometown like? 

My home town lies in the mild latitudes that are neither near the poles nor the equators , so the weather consists of 4 seasons. In the summer, the temperature is often high, about 35-40 degrees celsius whereas it is quite cold in the winter. The temperature is often fewer than  10 degrees celsius. 

What do you do when the weather is bad? 

It depends. If  I don’t have to go out, I will stay at home, watch TV or read books instead and listen to the rain, You know I like the sound of rain. It is very relaxing. However, If I am on my way home, then the weather is bad like a storm,  I will try to find a shelter as quickly as possible to avoid danger. 

How does the weather influence on your mood? 

To be honest, The weather affects me a lot. My mood can change according to the change of weather. I am an active person, you know. If the weather is nice, I can go out and do as many exciting activities as I can. This makes me excited. Nonetheless, When the weather is terrible, I often stay at home. At the time, I feel quite bored.

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