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1. gifted / lyrics / remixed / debut / strumming / tune / gig / following / tour / off-key / hit / upbeat
I can’t stand that song; I don’t know why it’s such a _____________.

2. I like the song, but I don’t understand the _________________.

3. I’m not really musically ______________, but I practice the violin every day

4. It’s such a catchy _____________, I can’t get it out of my head!

5. My cousin’s band is going on ____________ next summer; they’ve lined up shows in eleven different

6. Someone in the choir was singing _____________, and it sounded terrible.

7. The band’s _____________ album was a huge success.

8. The DJ played some _______________ tracks at the wedding reception

9. The singer has attracted quite a devoted _____________ in Korea – her concerts there are always
sold out.

10. The street musician sat on a park bench, _______________ his guitar.

11. This music is so slow it’s putting me to sleep. Let’s listen to something with a more ___________

12. We’re going to play a ____________ at the Jazz Club on Friday night.

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