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1. A movie from an amateur filmmaker was based / nominated / presented for three awards at an
international film festival.


2. Did you see the trailer / trilogy / theater for the new Star Wars movie? It looks like it’ll be


3. The opening chapter / genre / scene of the movie is very violent.


4. I didn’t like the close / end / finish of the movie; it just didn’t seem believable.


5. I enjoyed the book because I could really identify with the main character / role / star.


6. It was a very moving film – and it was based on a factual / real / true story


7. It’s an enjoyable page / read / scene, written in a humorous and relatable style.


8. Oh no! I lost a book that I borrowed / loaned / returned from the library.


9. The documentary deals with a number of controversial / debatable / polemic topics


10. The first movie was excellent, but the sequel got mediocre analyses / critics / reviews.


11. The movie Titanic hits / shoots / stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.


12. We couldn’t get a ticket for initial / opening / beginning night – they were all sold out


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