Collocation – Eating

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1. cuisine / diet / fresh / helping / junk / moderation / nourishing / poisoning / processed / snack
 During the summer, our kids eat a lot of __________ food – popcorn, candy, ice cream, cookies, etc.

2. He got food __________________ after eating some seafood from a street vendor.

3. I buy __________________ produce at the farmer’s market.

4. I drink in __________________; I don’t like getting drunk.

5. I’m not a huge fan of Mexican __________________. It’s too spicy for me.

6. I’ve lost ten pounds so far while on this new __________________.

7. Spinach is one of the most __________________ vegetables – it’s full of vitamins and minerals.

8. That lasagna is delicious; I think I’ll have another __________________.

9. The food at this restaurant is all natural – they don’t use any type of __________________food

10. We stopped driving to grab a quick __________________ at a roadside cafe.

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