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Speaking: staying up late

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1. Do you usually stay up late?

          Yes, I am. I think I’m a night owl and staying up late has become one of my habits. In fact, I’m more productive and creative when I study or work in the evening or even at night. I guess this is the case since I can take advantage of the quietness and peacefulness of the night to get things done.

2. When was the last time you stayed up late? Why?

          As I have mentioned, going to sleep late is one of my habits so I do it almost everyday. So the last time I stayed up late was yesterday to revise and prepare for the exam.

3. Did you like staying up late when you were a child?          Oh yes, it used to be my dream when I was young but my parents didn’t allow me to do that. They are pretty strict and want me to stick to a healthy sleeping habit.

ielts speaking: Shopping (bài chữa)

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Một số lỗi chia s

Sử dụng nhiều trạng từ

1.Do you like shopping?

Well, I really enjoy shopping. I love going down the street and looking at fashionable clothes . Or sometimes when I go with my friends, we don’t buy anything,  just go round and round shopping malls and talk.

2.What kind of things do you like to go shopping for?

Like I said, most of the time I buy clothes .I’m quite into fashion design, so seeing gorgeous clothes is my hobby (tăng độ khó hơn->cup of tea)

3 Where do you usually go shopping?                

I think it depends on what I want to buy. I usually shop for groceries in a mini supermarket near my house (z) and if I want to buy something expensive like clothes or household appliances ./siz/. I prefer go to shopping malls in the city center.

4 Do you like going shopping with other people?

Absolutely, I adore going shopping with my mom since she can give me honest advice  on clothes that fit me best and it is also more comfortable when you go with family right ?

5 How often do you go shopping?

Although shopping is my cup of tea, I only go twice a month. This is because I am a student, I don’t have enough free time and I also don’t want to waste too much money from my parents.

6 Are you good at shopping and bargaining?

To be honest, I go shopping a lot, but I’m not good at bargaining. So I’d rather go to supermarket or buying things online. Let me tell you a truth, my mom is an expert at bargaining. She usually offers 1/2 the price and negotiates with the seller.

7 What do you think is the difference between men’s shopping and women’s? (/wi/)

I think the biggest difference is that man ->men usually buy and don’t pay attention to the details such as materials and price of the produces (products) like women.

speaking: hometown

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What kind of place is your hometown?

When it comes to my hometown, I would say that the place where I live is located in the southwest of Hai Duong province. It’s a small town with a population of around 150 000 inhabitants. There are large paddy fields and rich pastures, so life there is so laid back, pared down and serene.

2. What are the most interesting things to do there?

Let me see… well, there are loads of interesting activities to do there, such as flying a kite in vast meadows. This is a favourite activity of the children in my hometown. I would strongly recommend going fishing. I think it is hard to do this in cities. Fishing will help help you know the sense of feeling when you catch a fish. It’s really exciting.

3. What kind of job do people do there?

Most people in my hometown work in agriculture and industry, such as farmer, workers. Some people are teachers or grocers.

4. Would you say it is a good or bad place to live?

Personally, I think it is a great place for those who love nature and peace. Although there are some disadvantages, such as the rate of unemployment, the poor facilities or things like that, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Because I have a lot of unforgettable memories of this place.

5. How do you travel around your hometown?

Well, a bicycle is my best choice. I choose a bike to travel around my hometown instead of a motorcycle because I think cycling is a fantastic way to stay in shape. In addition, it also helps me to blow off some steam after a hard working day.

6. Would you prefer to live in a bigger or smaller place?

It depends on my age. When I’m in my adolescence, I would like to live in a city because I will have a chance to access to modern equipment and develop my career. But when I get older, I’d like to live in a rural area. I think it is an appropriate period to rest and enjoy peace.