speaking part 3: Air pollution


Air pollution is due to various causes, such as burning fossil fuels and emission of hazardous pollutants released by factories and automobiles, e.g Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.


  • Air pollution causes many health problems, such as respiratory diseases, eye irritation, and premature newborn babies.
  • Air pollution can destroy the ozone layer that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun and consequently, air pollution contributes to global warming.
  • Air pollution damages natural resources and leads to ecosystem degradation and poor air quality.


  • Air pollution can be reduced by implementing energy efficiency programmes, introducing vehicle emission standard, expanding car replacement programmes
  • Extending environmentally-friendly means of transport, expanding transport facilities: park-and-ride-terminal, providing carpool facilities
  • Regular check-ups for cars should be obligatory
  • Using more efficient engines and modern exhaust-filtering devices
  • Using cleaner fuels
  • Developing tree planting programmes

Discussion questions:

Why is air pollution a global health concern?

Because air pollution creates many health problems that would reduce people’s life quality all over the world. Furthermore, air pollution contributes to the damage of the Ozone layer without which we cannot survive. Last but not least, it also destroys the habitat of wild animals, affecting negatively to ecology system.

2. Do you think anti-pollution measures should be a high priority?

Yes absolutely, because air pollution is global health concern. I think people all over the world and their governments should prioritize the programmes for acting against air pollution. All nations need hand in hand to build a world without air pollution.

3. What can large cities do to improve their air quality?

Firstly, They need to carry out energy efficiency programmes, like introducing vehicle emission standards. So a large number of cars which produce excessive exhaust fume are not allowed to be on roads.

Secondly, Cities should develop public transportation. This can helps reduce the number of cars and traffic jams.

Finally, Cities encourage citizens to use electric cars that don’t produce exhaust fume.

Speaking part 2:Describe a gift you have received that was important to you

Đây là bài mẫu của thầy nhé, Các bạn ghi âm vào điện thoại bài nói của mình. Đấy là cách hay để cải thiện speaking.
Describe a gift you have received that was important to you
You should say:
  • who gave it to you
  • On what occasion it was given to you
  • What it looks like and how to use it
  • and say why it is important to you
Keywords: smart phone, My father, on my birthday, slim, a present from a person I love most
I am going to tell you about a gift I received. It was a smart phone from my father on my 15th birthday. Well, having a smart phone on my own was my dream. I needed it for its benefits. So I was jealous of my friends who had smartphones. Therefore I was very happy for my birthday present. My smartphone looks nice, slim, and light. It was covered with gorilla glass, touch screen in the back, in the front respectively. As you know, using a smartphone is not difficult, especially for young people who are accustomed to modern technology. So I find it easy to use my phone as well. To use it, you only press the power button and unlock your phone by password or fingerprint. Then you can add apps to your phone by going to the app store or play store. After that, All you need to do is to tap your apps to enjoy them.
This present is very important to me because it is what I desired for a long time. More importantly, my smartphone from my father who I love most.

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Clause, Followed by + Phrase

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 Clause, before (prior to) + V-ing + number

The amount of money lost on  Coronavirus declined drastically to 100 million dollars in June, before reaching to 200 million dollars in July

 Clause + compared to + Phrase

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The number of Corona Cases in China was 70000 in March, making it the highest one in the year