Bài mẫu pie chart

(252 words)

The Two pie charts compare how Science students chose majors in   2015 and 2016.

Overall, It can be seen that the major subjects which were chosen by most students in 2015, 2016 were Physics, Chemistry respectively. 

        Regarding 2015,  the percentage of students choosing Physics was the highest, which accounted for 35%. Next, chemistry has a bit lower percentage(30%) compared to Physics. Botany accounted for 25% which was 5% lower than chemistry. Interestingly, the proportion of students studying biology was the lowest, accounting for 10%.

  In terms of 2016,  Chemistry saw a dramatic increase in 2016, and it also accounted for the largest percentage 40%. Next, there was a rapid decrease in physics, from 35% in 2015 to 25% in 2016. And then, The percentage of students studying biology saw a significant rise to 15%. Botany was the less popular chosen subject which decreased strongly from 25% in 2015 to 10% in 2016. 

Collocation – Light

Read this passage from a story and select the right word to complete each sentence:
Amanda knelt in an enclave of the seventeenth-century church and said a silent prayer. The church was
completely / ultimately dark except for the dozens of flickering / shining candles which lit up the image
of Mary, mother of Jesus. Amanda enjoyed the quiet, sacred atmosphere of these ancient cathedrals
much more than the
bright / vivid lighting and loud music of modern churches.

1.completely / ultimately


2. flickering / shining


3. bright / vivid


She hit / lit a candle in honor of her grandmother and left the church, shielding her eyes from the
blinding / glowing afternoon sunlight. She climbed a hill near the city and sat in the darkness / shade of
an enormous oak tree, where she remained lost in thought until the sky began to
grow / plunge dark.

4. hit / lit


5. blinding / glowing


6. darkness / shade


7. grow / plunge


The sliver / crescent moon rose over the mountains and the stars twinkled / weakened in the mostly
clear sky. Amanda could see the
road / street lights and the faint / pitch glow of a television set through
the window of each house. She decided to maintain her vigil until the sun
came up / went out.

8.sliver / crescent


9. twinkled / weakened


10. road / street


11. faint / pitch


12. came up / went out