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Hướng dẫn viết câu support bài essay

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Which -> giải thích rõ hơn cho mệnh đề trước đó

Violence games pose a threat to antisocial behaviours, which will increase crime rates

(which thay cho cả ý trước đó)

Note ( Nếu không dùng which -> this) : 2 câu

Violence games pose a threat to antisocial behaviours. This will increase crime rates

Resulting in=leading to (+ cụm từ) -> Kết quả của sự việc

More and more vehicles are on the roads, resulting in increasing traffic jams and accidents

Making it +(tính từ hoặc cụm từ) -> Bình luận

The population reached 100 million in 2022, making it the highest over 10 years.

For example -> Đưa ra ví dụ

Nowadays, young people do not tend to live with their old parents all over the world. For example, In the USA, according to a recent survey, 90% of youngsters want to live on their own.

process solar water heating system

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Đề bài:  The diagram shows a method for warming  water by using  indirect solar water heating system

Bài làm (155 words)

 The diagram highlights  a process for heating water by using a Solar system 

Overall, the Solar water heating system consists of 3 main parts: Solar collector panel, heat transfer unit and storage tank. 

First, the Heat transfer unit is provided with cold water. Here, it is pumped into the solar collector panel through a pine line. An antifreeze solution is added to the pine line to prevent water from being frozen. After that,  the cold water travels to a  solar collector panel. Here the solar collector panel warms the cold water thanks to its heat collected from absorbing sunlight. When water is warmed by the solar collector panel, it will go directly to the heat transfer unit which is also equipped with a heating coin that helps warm the water again. At this point, the warm water is conveyed to a storage tank for later usage. 

In conclusion, The solar water heating system uses sunlight to warm water. 

Essay: learning foreign languages

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In some school systems, Children start learning at least one foreign language in primary school. In other school systems, foreign language begins in secondary school. In your opinion, should children learn foreign languages in schools, and if so, at what age they begin? 



The development of brain for children in the early ages, especially 4-9 is very fast -> learning foreign languages more effectively
 EX: a lot of children can use multiple languages 
As we grow older, it is hard for us to acquire a foreign language because our brain becomes less sharp.

Children should focus on their mother tongue. 
When they are grown up and master their mother tongue, they can learn other languages. 

Nowadays, Learning  foreign languages plays a vital role in the success of a person with the increasing globalization besides academic subjects. The ages  at which people should learn foreign languages attract people’s attention. Some people argue that primary school is a better place for children to learn  a second language instead of having to wait for secondary school. I am in favor of the idea. 

On the one hand, Learning foreign languages in primary schools brings children better results. First and foremost, The development of brain for children in early ages, especially 4-9 age group, is very fast. This helps Learning foreign languages among children become more effective. We can see a lot of children use multiple languages in daily life. Secondly, As we grow older, it is hard for us to acquire foreign language skills because our brain becomes less sharp. That is to say, many adults have to struggle with foreign languages while it is easy for children, especially at young ages to comprehend another language. 

On the other hand, many people argue that it is better for children to learn foreign languages when they are secondary school students. Therefore, Children in primary schools should study more important academic subjects like math, science, mother tongue.. instead of foreign languages which can be learned later when children reach secondary schools.  

In conclusion, Children are required to study foreign languages as soon as they are able to, especially when they enter primary schools so that they can achieve utmost  results  in mastering other languages rather than having to wait for  a few more years. 


Chi tiết dạng bài advantage

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Task 2 (advantage) 

In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve public transportation. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution? 

Bố cục: 

Mở bài: Nêu topic + Chỉ ra thuận lợi và không thuận lợi của sự việc, giải pháp….

Thân Bài: 

Đoạn 1 (thuận lợi) 

  • Câu topic (việc… có 1 số thuận lợi) 
  • Câu main idea 1 + Các câu support
  • Câu main idea 2+ Các câu support 
  • …..

Đoạn 2 (Không thuận lợi) 

——Y như Đoạn

Kết bài: 

  • Nêu thuận  lợi và không thuận lợi 
  • New idea (nếu có) hoặc giải pháp. 


Advantage Disadvantage 
The government have more money from tax to invest … Less people use private cars -> reducing traffic jam, the number of car accidentsCar industry face/encounter  difficulties -> Car companies may go bankrupt -> leading to the high rate of unemployment This can cause  a financial burden on drivers 

Viet bai 

Mo bai: 

Nowadays, traffic issues are increasingly serious. To tackle (solve, address) these, the government should impose a  large amount of levy (money from taxation)  on private vehicle owners. I think this practice (solution/measure) has both the positives and the negatives.

 Doan 1 


On the one hand, taxing private car owners highly has some benefits. 

Firstly, the government will increase more tax money (levy)  on private vehicles. Therefore, They can spend this kind of money on enhancing (improving/upgrading/intensifying/boosting) public transportation such as trains, buses, infrastructures…

Secondly, When public means of transportation gradually become more developed and modernized, more people prefer to commute (travel) by this kind of transportation, leading to (resulting in) the decrease (slump) in the number of people (commuters/travelers)using private cars. As a result, This will partly contribute to solving (handling/tackling/addressing)traffic problems such as traffic jams (traffic congestions), car accidents… which are mainly caused (inflicted)by private cars. 

Doan 2 


On the other hand, Economy and the owners also suffer from (endure) financial issues if they are taxed (levied) heavily (massively=extremely, greatly)

First and foremost, taxing Cars highly discourages (deter/prevent/stop) people from buying cars. This can cause a negative impact (influence/effect/consequence)  on the car industry in particular as well as (and) the economy in general. 

Hence,  a great deal of  (many)  car manufacturers may go bankrupt if less people travel by private vehicles, possibly leading to (resulting in/causing)the high rate of unemployment.

What’s more (in addition), drivers who use private cars have to spend an extra sum of money on the additional tax. This can cause (inflict) a financial burden on them, especially on people of the middle-class. 

In conclusion, imposing (forcing/urging/enforcing) heavy tax on private car owners brings advantages and disadvantages. The government needs to take this into consideration.

Bài mẫu line chart

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(151 words)

The line chart compares the number of bushels of corn and wheat sold from 2012 to 2016.

In general, It can be seen that the amount of wheat gradually increases while that of corn sees a slight decrease in the last 2 years, and the sales of wheat are always higher than those of corn.

In 2012, about 1,250,000 bushels of wheat were sold. In the next 5 years, the figures for wheat continuously increased before reaching a peak at 2.400.000 in 2016.

Regarding Corn, it began at 1.000.000 in 2012. Then, it went up significantly to 1.500.000 which was a peak. At this point, the number of bushels of corn saw a slight decrease, standing at 1.450.000 and 1.400.00 in 2015 and 2016, respectively. 

In conclusion, the differences between Corn and wheat are gradually larger in the given period.

Dạng bài advantage|what are the advantages and disadvantages of living with the old people in the family?

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Thầy Anh Gợi ý cách làm

Chú ý các bài dạng advantage đều có cấu trúc viết gần như tương tự với cấu trúc bên dưới.

Mở bài: 

Nêu topic (ngày này tại  một số nước tồn tại kiểu gia đình có nhiều thế hệ  (extended family) 

Việc sống chung với người cao tuổi có nhiều thuận lợi và không thuận lợi

Thân bài 

Đoạn 1 ( Nói về Thuận lợi) 

Câu topic: there are some benefits when living with the old people.

  • They take care of babies 
  • They do house chores
  • Bring valuable experiences for other members 

Đoạn 2 ( Nói về Không Thuận lợi) 

Câu topic: However, Living with the elderly brings  family some drawbacks

  • family conflicts  ( mâu thuẫn gia đinh) can happen because of generation gap ( khoảng trống/ cách giữa các thế hệ ) .  For example, the differences in raising babies 
  • The elderly usually do not make money, so They can be a financial burden (gánh nặng tài chính) 
  • The old people tend to get sick while their children are busy with work. 

Kết bài  (Tổng hợp ý chính)

Việc sống cùng người già có nhiều thuận lợi và không thuận lợi. 

Mỗi gia đình tùy theo hoàn cảnh mà nên quyết định có sống cùng người già không.

(Each family depends  on certain circumstances when….) 

Describe a useful website that you have visited

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Describe a useful website that you have visited. You should say:

  • what it was
  • how you found the address
  • what it contains
  • and explain why it was useful to you.


  • Through my friend
  • Downloadable materials
  • Information, updated, user~friendly, links

The website that I’m really interested in is (..); one of the most visited educational websites. I visit it almost every day as it is the homepage of my computer. I found it through one of my friends. Once, I saw an offline message, containing a link. When I clicked on the link and saw the website, I really found it beneficial. To describe this English educational website, I should say, it contains lots of downloadable materials; classified vocabulary, grammar structures, quizzes, and that sort of thing. There are many features that make this website different from other websites. Firstly, it provides a learner with lots of useful information, and…er. .. is updated with new content at regular intervals; you can always find quality information in it. Besides, it is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Another aspect is that it has many useful links to other sites. Last but not least, it is visually attractive and well-designed. In my opinion, it’s such a functional website that no English learner should miss

Describe a member of your family who is very close to

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Describe a member of your family who is very close to
You should say:

  • who he/she is
  • in what ways you are like him/her
  • how you differ from him/ her
  • and explain why you are so close to him/ her.


My sister [...], films , major Looks; height. hair, skin Personality

To be honest, it’s difficult for me to choose just one member of my family as I do feel close to all of them. But If I had to name . . . e r . . . I w o u l d say my elder sister. Her name is [ . . . ] . Although she is 5 years older than me, we get along so well; we are very similar in personality. We spend most of our time together…er. .. share the same interests and have lots of fun. For example, we follow the latest movies, especially, action movies. Sometimes, we talk about films for hours ….er… Another common point is our university majors; she has completed her education in business and I’m studying business too. So we have lots of things to talk about, you know, having the same major has given us the same outlook on life…er. by contrast, we’re totally different in looks; so unlike that, no one would ever think we are sisters! For instance, I have dark skin whereas she has fair skin. Or her hair is kind of curly, but my hair is straight. The reason why we are so close to each other is that we simply have the same personality traits. We understand each other because we grew up doing things together.