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Một số câu hay dùng trong bài task 2

Các bạn chú ý cụm từ in đỏ nhé 

  1. This is exactly how I see it, as (because) I am fully convinced (persuaded) that designers should focus more on the practical values of a building


  1. As far as I see it, corporal punishment cannot be justified

13 . An additional reason that make it difficult for one to clarify (explain, illustrate…) the idea of happiness lies in the ever-changing requirements of individuals

  1. NOWADAYS WHILE there is great deal (lot, a lot …)of enthusiasm of the advantages of the internet, its drawbacks should not be neglected (avoided, ignored)
  2. Despite (in spite of) the traditional view that children must be punished when they make mistakes I doubt whether the argument can bear mush analysis
  3. Unlike many people who are of the old view (hold the old/traditional view) that women should assume (take greater responsibility in child-rearing (child-nursing), I Think It is time that men should spend more time and effort on children


  1. Thus it seems quite clear to me (I clearly/absolutely/completely/

Utterly/totally/ believe/think/consider/support/agree that) that advertisements must be controlled, no matter in quantity (amount) or in the ways they promote products (goods) (topic: ads)


  1. In sum(to sum up, in conclusion, in short, in a word, all in all, in summary) , the needs of science and art students for higher education should be duly and equally addressed by the government)


  1. The importance (significance/need) ( of school education can never be overvalued. (overestimated/ overstressed) (topic: school education)
  2. The role of school education can never be valued sufficiently