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  1. The chart illustrates the distribution of household income across various age groups in the United States.
    (illustrates – mô tả, distribution – phân phối, various – các, age groups – nhóm tuổi, United States – Hoa Kỳ)
  2. Overall, younger age groups tend to have lower household incomes compared to older age groups.
    (Overall – tổng thể, younger – trẻ hơn, older – già hơn, tend to – có xu hướng, lower – thấp hơn, compared to – so với)
  3. Specifically, individuals aged 18-25 have the lowest median income, while those aged 45-54 have the highest.
    (Specifically – cụ thể, individuals – cá nhân, aged – tuổi, lowest – thấp nhất, median income – thu nhập trung bình, highest – cao nhất)
  4. Interestingly, the income disparity between age groups becomes more pronounced after the age of 35.
    (Interestingly – thú vị là, income disparity – sự chênh lệch thu nhập, becomes – trở nên, pronounced – rõ ràng, after – sau, age – tuổi)
  5. In contrast, the median income for individuals aged 65 and above is relatively stable, showing a slight decrease in the oldest age group.
    (In contrast – ngược lại, relatively – tương đối, stable – ổn định, showing – cho thấy, slight – nhỏ, decrease – giảm, oldest – lớn tuổi nhất)
  6. Looking at gender differences, male earners generally outpace their female counterparts across all age groups.
    (Looking at – nhìn vào, gender differences – sự khác biệt giới tính, male – nam, earners – người kiếm tiền, generally – nhìn chung, outpace – vượt qua, female – nữ, counterparts – đối tác)
  7. However, the income gap between men and women narrows among older age groups, suggesting some progress towards gender equality.
    (However – tuy nhiên, income gap – khoảng cách thu nhập, narrows – thu hẹp, among – giữa, suggesting – gợi ý, progress – tiến bộ, gender equality – bình đẳng giới)
  8. When comparing income levels by educational attainment, it becomes evident that individuals with higher levels of education tend to earn more.
    (When – khi, comparing – so sánh, income levels – mức thu nhập, educational attainment – trình độ giáo dục, becomes evident – trở nên rõ ràng, tend to – có xu hướng, earn – kiếm được)
  9. Those with graduate degrees consistently have the highest median income, followed by those with bachelor’s degrees, then those with high school diplomas or less.
    (Those – những người đó, graduate degrees – bằng cử nhân, consistently – một cách nhất quán, followed by – tiếp theo là, bachelor’s degrees – bằng cử nhân, high school diplomas – bằng cấp 3 hoặc thấp hơn)
  10. Overall, the data highlights the complex interplay between age, gender, and education in shaping household income levels.
    (Overall – tổng thể, data – dữ liệu, highlights – nhấn mạnh, complex – phức tạp, interplay – tương tác, shaping – hình thành)

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