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In some school systems, Children start learning at least one foreign language in primary school. In other school systems, foreign language begins in secondary school. In your opinion, should children learn foreign languages in schools, and if so, at what age they begin? 



The development of brain for children in the early ages, especially 4-9 is very fast -> learning foreign languages more effectively
 EX: a lot of children can use multiple languages 
As we grow older, it is hard for us to acquire a foreign language because our brain becomes less sharp.

Children should focus on their mother tongue. 
When they are grown up and master their mother tongue, they can learn other languages. 

Nowadays, Learning  foreign languages plays a vital role in the success of a person with the increasing globalization besides academic subjects. The ages  at which people should learn foreign languages attract people’s attention. Some people argue that primary school is a better place for children to learn  a second language instead of having to wait for secondary school. I am in favor of the idea. 

On the one hand, Learning foreign languages in primary schools brings children better results. First and foremost, The development of brain for children in early ages, especially 4-9 age group, is very fast. This helps Learning foreign languages among children become more effective. We can see a lot of children use multiple languages in daily life. Secondly, As we grow older, it is hard for us to acquire foreign language skills because our brain becomes less sharp. That is to say, many adults have to struggle with foreign languages while it is easy for children, especially at young ages to comprehend another language. 

On the other hand, many people argue that it is better for children to learn foreign languages when they are secondary school students. Therefore, Children in primary schools should study more important academic subjects like math, science, mother tongue.. instead of foreign languages which can be learned later when children reach secondary schools.  

In conclusion, Children are required to study foreign languages as soon as they are able to, especially when they enter primary schools so that they can achieve utmost  results  in mastering other languages rather than having to wait for  a few more years. 


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