process solar water heating system

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Đề bài:  The diagram shows a method for warming  water by using  indirect solar water heating system

Bài làm (155 words)

 The diagram highlights  a process for heating water by using a Solar system 

Overall, the Solar water heating system consists of 3 main parts: Solar collector panel, heat transfer unit and storage tank. 

First, the Heat transfer unit is provided with cold water. Here, it is pumped into the solar collector panel through a pine line. An antifreeze solution is added to the pine line to prevent water from being frozen. After that,  the cold water travels to a  solar collector panel. Here the solar collector panel warms the cold water thanks to its heat collected from absorbing sunlight. When water is warmed by the solar collector panel, it will go directly to the heat transfer unit which is also equipped with a heating coin that helps warm the water again. At this point, the warm water is conveyed to a storage tank for later usage. 

In conclusion, The solar water heating system uses sunlight to warm water. 

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