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1. Barbara has made / put / set a new world record, with 5 consecutive Olympic gold medals in


2. Do you want to do / go / play hiking with us this weekend?


3. How long have you been doing / going / playing football?


4. I did / played / went volleyball in college.


5. If a soccer game is failed / led / tied, they do penalty kicks to determine the winner.


6. Jeff and Diana did / played / went rock climbing in the mountains.


7. My son wants to do / go / play karate.


8. Our team won third lead / place / record in the basketball competition/ performance /


9. She’s been doing / going / playing gymnastics since she was 5 years old


10. The baseball team was unable to make a comeback / setback / takeback and lost the game 5-2


11. The biker from Australia currently has the best / first / lead, but the bikers from Russia and Peru
are close behind.


12. The ice skater broke / removed / withdrew from the competition due to a knee injury.


13. The runners were stretching before the match / race / test began.


14. Tim Randall has achieved / enhanced / won a personal best with his time of 23.04 seconds.


15. What was the final place / record / score of the baseball game?


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