speaking part 2: Describe a car you would like to own in the future

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Các em ghi keywords ra sau đó thu âm bài nói của mình để nghe lại nhé. Khi nghe lại, chắc chắn các em sẽ thu được nhiều điều có ích.


1. When did you have the idea to own it?

2. What it looks like?

3. What you will do with it?

4. What special influences will it have upon you?


saw A SPORT CAR: Porsche  in the movie

Expensive, do not have enough money



drive it around the city with my friends

Inspiration, goal

Presented by Thay Anh

I saw a sport car in a movie accidentally. The brand of the car, You know, is Germany- made Porsche which is very powerful with 6 engines. Besides, its acceleration is also extremely fast. It can reach 100 km/h, only in 3.6 seconds. In terms of exterior, It looks strong and sporty with 20 – inch wheels that are painted in Titanium color. Also, two front wings make the car resemble a flying bird. This car costs about 200.000 dollars. The price is so expensive that I am not able to afford the car at present. But I hope I will own it in the near future.

With this superCar, I will use it for other purposes from driving around my city to traveling distant areas. You know. I am very confident with the car based on its power, speed. Besides, I also want to ride it with my friends to impress them. I think they will be jealous with me then.

To own this car, I need to study hard to get a high salary job. So, The car is an inspiration as well as a goal for me in life. Therefore, it helps push me forward, overcome obstacles to achieve my goal. In all, The car is essential to me because it brings me the positive values which change my life forever.

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