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Describe a film that you found really boring

Describe a film that you found really boring

You should say:

  • when you saw it
  • what type of film it was
  • what happens in the film
  • and explain why you found it so boring.


  • last summer holiday, cinema, friends
  • horror movie named “the death of me” telling a couple traveling to the remote island and witnessing bizarre things
  • Many strange things happen like: They see a video in which the man kills and buries the girl, They lose their passport before returning home. The Woman saw her lover killing himself on the beach but no one believes her.
  • It is hard for viewers to differentiate whether the scene is hallucination or plot and what are their authentic experiences.

Presented by Thay Anh

Well, I have seen a lot of films and the film I watched at cinema with my friends last summer holiday named “the death of me” was really boring.

It is a horror film that tells a couple traveling to the remote island of Thailand in which they see many bizarre things. At first, they see a video on the man’s phone in which the man kill bury his lover. After that, they lose their passport before returning home, so they are trapped in the island. Next, The woman see her boyfriend cutting his belly on the beach but no one believes her.

I think that It was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen because it is hard for me ( as well as other viewers I guess) to follow the film like the differences between hallucination and plot are unclear. Furthermore, It is confusing to know my authentic experiences after watching the movie.

speaking part 2: Describe a car you would like to own in the future

Thầy Anh Hướng dẫn trả lời

Các em ghi keywords ra sau đó thu âm bài nói của mình để nghe lại nhé. Khi nghe lại, chắc chắn các em sẽ thu được nhiều điều có ích.


1. When did you have the idea to own it?

2. What it looks like?

3. What you will do with it?

4. What special influences will it have upon you?


saw A SPORT CAR: Porsche  in the movie

Expensive, do not have enough money



drive it around the city with my friends

Inspiration, goal

Presented by Thay Anh

I saw a sport car in a movie accidentally. The brand of the car, You know, is Germany- made Porsche which is very powerful with 6 engines. Besides, its acceleration is also extremely fast. It can reach 100 km/h, only in 3.6 seconds. In terms of exterior, It looks strong and sporty with 20 – inch wheels that are painted in Titanium color. Also, two front wings make the car resemble a flying bird. This car costs about 200.000 dollars. The price is so expensive that I am not able to afford the car at present. But I hope I will own it in the near future.

With this superCar, I will use it for other purposes from driving around my city to traveling distant areas. You know. I am very confident with the car based on its power, speed. Besides, I also want to ride it with my friends to impress them. I think they will be jealous with me then.

To own this car, I need to study hard to get a high salary job. So, The car is an inspiration as well as a goal for me in life. Therefore, it helps push me forward, overcome obstacles to achieve my goal. In all, The car is essential to me because it brings me the positive values which change my life forever.

speaking part 2: shopping for clothes

Describe a place where you go shopping for clothes

You should say:

  • Where you usually go
  • how often you shop for clothes
  • how you choose your clothes
  • and explain why you go there

(presented by Thay Anh IELTS)

Shopping is my hobby. so I often spend my free time doing shopping. I  used to buy clothes from various stores, from small ones to shopping malls. But now I am really interested in buying clothes from a  store called “ABC” that is about 1 km away from my home. 

Since I Knew this store, I  often go there twice or three times a month to get my beautiful clothes. You know, I think this store quite satisfies my need because it provides a wide range of clothes, materials, sizes so I can choose outfits that suit me well.

To get suitable clothes, I will choose style first.  I am a young person so dynamic clothes will fit me best. Next, I pay attention to material. I love leather most because it makes me more masculine. 

Besides, Prices at the store are affordable, only 20-30 dollars.   Shop assistants here are very friendly and hospitable. They always help me find the clothes that I very love. I also like the guarantee program of the shop. After bringing clothes home, If I do not like them anymore, in ten days I can bring them back to the store and get full 100% cashback. I think this store is my best choice when buying clothes in my city (Thay Anh IELTS)  

speaking part 2: when you lost something

Describe a time when you lost something.

You should say:

  • what is was
  • where and when you lost it
  • how important it was
  • and explain what you did to find it when you realised it was missing.


  • diary
  • lost at school during break time
  • Keeping my memory
  • Asking friends, teacher

Answer (By Thầy Anh)

Anybody has lost something, You know, so did I. I lost many things in my life, from important things like money, bikes.. to less important things such as notebooks, shoes…But losing a diary two years ago left me an unforgettable impression.

I used to leave my diary at home. But that day I brought it to the school. After break time, I looked for my diary in my bag. Unfortunately, It went missing. At first, I was shocked and overwhelmed because the diary is very precious to me.

The diary keeps my thought about myself, people around me, specifically it reflects my spiritual life and helps me overcome difficult times in my life. So I consider it as my close friend. Losing it would make me agonized.

I then ask my classmates if they saw my diary but No one said yes. I was disappointed. I guessed someone has stolen it, then I asked my teacher for help. My teacher told the class if somebody had taken it, They had to pay it back to me. However, No one admitted stealing it. Suddenly when I searched my bag again, I found my diary. I was very happy. I then apologized to my teacher and my classmates for my recklessness.

Speaking part 2:Describe a gift you have received that was important to you

Đây là bài mẫu của thầy nhé, Các bạn ghi âm vào điện thoại bài nói của mình. Đấy là cách hay để cải thiện speaking.
Describe a gift you have received that was important to you
You should say:
  • who gave it to you
  • On what occasion it was given to you
  • What it looks like and how to use it
  • and say why it is important to you
Keywords: smart phone, My father, on my birthday, slim, a present from a person I love most
I am going to tell you about a gift I received. It was a smart phone from my father on my 15th birthday. Well, having a smart phone on my own was my dream. I needed it for its benefits. So I was jealous of my friends who had smartphones. Therefore I was very happy for my birthday present. My smartphone looks nice, slim, and light. It was covered with gorilla glass, touch screen in the back, in the front respectively. As you know, using a smartphone is not difficult, especially for young people who are accustomed to modern technology. So I find it easy to use my phone as well. To use it, you only press the power button and unlock your phone by password or fingerprint. Then you can add apps to your phone by going to the app store or play store. After that, All you need to do is to tap your apps to enjoy them.
This present is very important to me because it is what I desired for a long time. More importantly, my smartphone from my father who I love most.

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IELTS Speaking : Childhood

Describe a happy childhood memory.

You should say:

  • when and where the incident you remember happened
  • who you were with
  • what happened exactly

and explain why it is a happy memory.

I grew up very far from most of my family so I only saw them once a year. Every summer I would go to stay with them, while my parents continued working. Although I missed my parents, I used to really enjoy spending time with my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I spent all summer there, nearly two whole months, so from time to time my cousins and I would get bored. We would ask my grandparents if they had any ideas for interesting things we could do. Sometimes they suggested going for a bike ride, sometimes into town to do some shopping. At other times, they showed us a new game to play. Then we were happy again.

One day – it must be about 30 years ago (doesn’t time fly!) – all of us got really, really bored and we kept complaining to my grandparents. They were tearing their hair out, trying to think up ideas of where we could go and what we could do. Suddenly, my granddad came up with the idea of going to a new water park that had opened that summer. I hadn’t heard about it but my cousins had, and they told me all about it. It was a park with vast numbers of different pools, some inside, some outside. There were water slides as well. And, on top of there was not one, but two playgrounds with swings, a merry-go-round, see-saws. We were so excited.

We set off and on the way we were all singing songs and laughing. We couldn’t wait to get there. When we arrived, my cousins and I ran into the park and changed into our swimming costumes. Then we went looking for the most exciting-looking pool, and we found it, one with brightly coloured tiles and slides, we jumped straight in. We played all day in the park and had a lovely lunch, sat on some benches in the sunshine.

My granddad loved a pool that was filled with spa water. It was dark brown and stank of rotten eggs. I didn’t want to go in but he eventually convinced me. I’m pleased he did because the water was really warm. I’d never swam in water that warm. I didn’t want to get out, despite the terrible smell.

I consider it such a happy memory because we enjoyed ourselves so much and I remember so vividly how I felt that day. But there’s more to it than just that. When I look back now, I understand how caring my grandparents were and how much they wanted us all to be happy. They would have done anything to help us have a good time. I appreciate that more now that I’m older and have children of my own. I hope we thanked them; I can’t remember. But, anyway, they were content, I’m sure, to just watch us have an amazing time, playing and laughing in the water. So, as you can see, it was a wonderful day and is one of my favourite childhood memories.

What other activity did you use to enjoy when you were staying with your family?
I loved going for walks in the local park. There were people selling all kinds of delicious foods from carts, so my grandparents would invariably buy us some treat, like homemade ice-cream or cakes.