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ielts speaking: Shopping (bài chữa)

Phát âm dễ nghe, có giai điệu và trọng âm: khá,

Một số lỗi chia s

Sử dụng nhiều trạng từ

1.Do you like shopping?

Well, I really enjoy shopping. I love going down the street and looking at fashionable clothes . Or sometimes when I go with my friends, we don’t buy anything,  just go round and round shopping malls and talk.

2.What kind of things do you like to go shopping for?

Like I said, most of the time I buy clothes .I’m quite into fashion design, so seeing gorgeous clothes is my hobby (tăng độ khó hơn->cup of tea)

3 Where do you usually go shopping?                

I think it depends on what I want to buy. I usually shop for groceries in a mini supermarket near my house (z) and if I want to buy something expensive like clothes or household appliances ./siz/. I prefer go to shopping malls in the city center.

4 Do you like going shopping with other people?

Absolutely, I adore going shopping with my mom since she can give me honest advice  on clothes that fit me best and it is also more comfortable when you go with family right ?

5 How often do you go shopping?

Although shopping is my cup of tea, I only go twice a month. This is because I am a student, I don’t have enough free time and I also don’t want to waste too much money from my parents.

6 Are you good at shopping and bargaining?

To be honest, I go shopping a lot, but I’m not good at bargaining. So I’d rather go to supermarket or buying things online. Let me tell you a truth, my mom is an expert at bargaining. She usually offers 1/2 the price and negotiates with the seller.

7 What do you think is the difference between men’s shopping and women’s? (/wi/)

I think the biggest difference is that man ->men usually buy and don’t pay attention to the details such as materials and price of the produces (products) like women.

speaking part 2: shopping for clothes

Describe a place where you go shopping for clothes

You should say:

  • Where you usually go
  • how often you shop for clothes
  • how you choose your clothes
  • and explain why you go there

(presented by Thay Anh IELTS)

Shopping is my hobby. so I often spend my free time doing shopping. I  used to buy clothes from various stores, from small ones to shopping malls. But now I am really interested in buying clothes from a  store called “ABC” that is about 1 km away from my home. 

Since I Knew this store, I  often go there twice or three times a month to get my beautiful clothes. You know, I think this store quite satisfies my need because it provides a wide range of clothes, materials, sizes so I can choose outfits that suit me well.

To get suitable clothes, I will choose style first.  I am a young person so dynamic clothes will fit me best. Next, I pay attention to material. I love leather most because it makes me more masculine. 

Besides, Prices at the store are affordable, only 20-30 dollars.   Shop assistants here are very friendly and hospitable. They always help me find the clothes that I very love. I also like the guarantee program of the shop. After bringing clothes home, If I do not like them anymore, in ten days I can bring them back to the store and get full 100% cashback. I think this store is my best choice when buying clothes in my city (Thay Anh IELTS)