speaking part 2: when you lost something

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Describe a time when you lost something.

You should say:

  • what is was
  • where and when you lost it
  • how important it was
  • and explain what you did to find it when you realised it was missing.


  • diary
  • lost at school during break time
  • Keeping my memory
  • Asking friends, teacher

Answer (By Thầy Anh)

Anybody has lost something, You know, so did I. I lost many things in my life, from important things like money, bikes.. to less important things such as notebooks, shoes…But losing a diary two years ago left me an unforgettable impression.

I used to leave my diary at home. But that day I brought it to the school. After break time, I looked for my diary in my bag. Unfortunately, It went missing. At first, I was shocked and overwhelmed because the diary is very precious to me.

The diary keeps my thought about myself, people around me, specifically it reflects my spiritual life and helps me overcome difficult times in my life. So I consider it as my close friend. Losing it would make me agonized.

I then ask my classmates if they saw my diary but No one said yes. I was disappointed. I guessed someone has stolen it, then I asked my teacher for help. My teacher told the class if somebody had taken it, They had to pay it back to me. However, No one admitted stealing it. Suddenly when I searched my bag again, I found my diary. I was very happy. I then apologized to my teacher and my classmates for my recklessness.

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