Collocation – Character & Behavior

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1. A lot of successful entrepreneurs have not only a bright / lucid / vivid imagination, but also the willingness to work hard.


2. He really hurt my emotions / feelings / senses when he called me an idiot.


3. His superiority belief / complex / tendency makes him impossible to work with because he
won’t listen to suggestions.


4. I had to chew / eat / swallow my pride and apologize to Janet for overreacting to her criticism


5. I like to date men with a great feel / sense / touch of humor.


6. In some cultures, it’s considered very rude to say / speak / talk your mind.


7. It’s good to get / put / set others first, but not at the expense of your own well-being


8. Most people who work as comedians have very outgoing / tendency / upcoming personalities.


9. My brother is brutally / carefully / painfully shy, but I’m trying to encourage him to come out of
case / shell / skin.


10. My daughter gets along with her classmates, but she has a competitive spot / streak / strip
when it comes to academics.


11. My husband forgives other people very easily; he’s not one to bear / hurt / swallow a grudge.


12. She would never cheat on her husband; she’s angrily / brutally / fiercely loyal to him.


13. The kids were suspended for playing a grudge / prank / streak on the teacher – they put a live
snake inside her desk.


14. Working with a therapist has helped me overcome my problems with deep / low / small selfesteem.


15. You need to develop a fatter / harder / thicker skin; you can’t let every little comment upset


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