Sử dụng ALMOS/most/ ALL(thầy Anh IELTS)

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Cách dùng  almost/ most / all ( How to use almost/most/all) 

thay anh IELTS 

almost (adv) 

almost all of the time spent by students is for study 

The oil price almost recovered in the next year.  

most + tính từ ( so sánh nhất) 

most = almost all of sbd/smt 

most of the people = most people 

Most students like science related subjects 

all (for both countable and uncountable) 

all of +noun/pronoun 

all of their/his/her…+ noun 

all of us/them/..

all + the + noun 

all of the people got tested positive with covid – 19 

all people= all of the people 

There are 1000 people in the village.  All of them were infected with covid-19 

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