sample process: coffee production

Thầy Anh Hướng dẫn viết bài process . Các bạn chú ý những điều dưới đây nhé

  • Câu chia ở hiện tại đơn
  • Thường sử dụng dạng bị động
  • Cần thêm lời của mình (nếu biết) cho đủ từ: giải thích bước này dùng để làm gì
  • Tra thêm thuật ngữ để biết giải thích

The diagram illustrates the process of coffee production 

Overall, there are nine steps to go from  harvesting coffee beans to delivery to consumers 

The first step is that coffee beans are harvested in the field. After that, they are put into a depulper which crushes coffee beans, so they become softer. Next, Coffee beans are soaked into a fermenting tank, and this step lasts from 1 to 3 days before fermented coffee beans are dried in the sunlight at the next step.  At this point, Coffee beans are put into sorters which helps remove the low-quality coffee beans to keep high-quality ones. And then Coffee beans are cook and turn brown since they go to a roaster. Next, they are ground in a  Grinder to become powder. And then, Ground coffee is packed and delivered to the grocery stores by trucks. Finally, Consumers can enjoy cups of tasty coffee at coffee shops or at homes. 

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