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1. Christine has been a central / medium / middle school teacher for many years.


2. Could you give me some degree / concentration / feedback on my presentation? I’d like to
know how to improve it.


3. He’s applying / submitting / trying to all the best universities in the country


4. I think I got every question on the exam wrong – I have no doubt that I dropped / failed / lost.


5. I’m having / taking / going a course on Latin American politics.


6. My daughter’s 12 – she’s in sixth class / grade / level.



My father promised he’d buy me a car if I got / made / took good grades in my final year of high


8. No, my son hasn’t chosen a degree / major / series yet. He’s debating between sociology and


9. She awarded / formed / graduated from the University of California in 1999.


10. The professor took ten points off my test because I handed it in / gave it up / passed it a few
minutes late.


11. The top five students in the class were awarded / submitted/ withdrawn a scholarship to a local


12. This topic will be on the test – make sure to take detailed lectures / notes / writings.


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