Common structures for task 2 (advantage and disadvantage)

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Thầy Anh hướng dẫn sử dụng các mẫu câu hay dùng trong writing task 2 (advantage)


Nowadays, More and more people….

Ví dụ: Nowadays, More and more people go to cities to earn jobs.

At present, there is an increasing number of….

Ví dụ: At present, there is an increasing number of people going to the cities to search for jobs.

This has some advantages (benefits) and disadvantages (drawbacks)

In this essay below, this problem will be considered in details

In the following essay, this issue will be taken into consideration


Câu topic: This ( sự việc đang diễn ra) has some advantages/benefits/positives.

Câu support:

Firstly, (Câu support 1)

Ví dụ: Firstly, People have opportunities to widen their knowledge at a large scale by visiting overseas countries.

Câu đưa ra ví dụ( làm rõ cho câu 1): For example, They could discover the history and culture of foreign countries.

Câu support 2 (Ý bổ sung 2): In addition, they can enjoy many attractive activities that don’t exist in their home countries. For example, People from hot countries like taking part in winter sports.

Kết bài

all in all/ in summary/in conclusion/ in a word/ in summary/ to summarize

This ( chủ đề đang nói) has some advantages and disadvantages

(Despite) besides advantages, this ( chủ đề đang nói) also has some disadvantages

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