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1. I lent Bill $20; he says he’ll pay / spend me back next week.


2. Excuse me, it’s none of your business how much money I get / make.


3. Greenpeace raised / rose five million dollars to help preserve the Atlantic rainforest.


4. How much of my income should I inherit / invest, and how much should I put into savings?


5. I can’t believe I ruined / wasted $10 on a calculator that doesn’t even work!


6. I didn’t have enough savings to pay my college tuition, so I had to pick / take out a student loan


7. Sometimes your employer can pay your salary by doing / making a deposit directly in your bank


8. I really admire rich people who donate / sponsor a large portion of their wealth to charity.


9. I try not to eat out at restaurants too often; I’m trying to keep / save money.


10. Let’s exchange / replace money here at the airport so that we can get a taxi to the hotel.


11. My son earned / won $50 for taking care of the neighbor’s dogs over the weekend.


12. We need to give / make a budget so that we don’t end up spending more than we earn.


13. Sentence Matching

1. She moved to a smaller apartment
because money is
a) all the money and end up with nothing.
2. Greg inherited a b) bills to buy some diamond jewelry.
3. I had to withdraw $500 from my
c) broke and asks his friends to pay for his
4. Two men were arrested after trying
to use counterfeit
d) expenses have gone down quite a bit.
5. A lot of lottery winners squander e) fortune from his great-grandfather.
6. I moved back in with my parents, so
my living
f) fund to pay for a dental treatment.
7. I know nothing about the stock g) market, but I’d like to start investing – I need a
financial advisor.
8. He’s not very financially h) savvy; he has no clue where his money is
9. Jonathan always says he’s i) that you borrowed last week
10. Hey, you still owe me the $5 j) tight at the moment.


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