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1. Are you adding / bumping / checking any bags today?


2. Hello, I need to change the dates of my hotel district / layover / reservation


3. I always try to get a window chair / seat / spot on long flights.


4. I won’t be in the office next week – I’ll be on a business flight / travel / trip.


5. On their honeymoon, Will and Cassie spent a week at a five-star / ten-point / gold-star hotel


6. Sorry, sir, but your bring-in / carry-on / take-up bag is too heavy.


7. The gate number is printed on your boarding / checking / entering pass


8. The checkout / layover / stop-off was only 30 minutes – I had to run to catch my attaching /connecting / linking flight


9. The rooms of the hotel were nice, but the fitness center was rather dingy / red-light / one-star


10. The travel agency / organization / department is offering a great deal on a 5-day package in


11. We felt sick on the plane because the flight was really bumpy / seedy / messy.


12. You should book / make / set your flight now, before prices go up.


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