Describe a member of your family who is very close to

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Describe a member of your family who is very close to
You should say:

  • who he/she is
  • in what ways you are like him/her
  • how you differ from him/ her
  • and explain why you are so close to him/ her.


My sister [...], films , major Looks; height. hair, skin Personality

To be honest, it’s difficult for me to choose just one member of my family as I do feel close to all of them. But If I had to name . . . e r . . . I w o u l d say my elder sister. Her name is [ . . . ] . Although she is 5 years older than me, we get along so well; we are very similar in personality. We spend most of our time together…er. .. share the same interests and have lots of fun. For example, we follow the latest movies, especially, action movies. Sometimes, we talk about films for hours ….er… Another common point is our university majors; she has completed her education in business and I’m studying business too. So we have lots of things to talk about, you know, having the same major has given us the same outlook on life…er. by contrast, we’re totally different in looks; so unlike that, no one would ever think we are sisters! For instance, I have dark skin whereas she has fair skin. Or her hair is kind of curly, but my hair is straight. The reason why we are so close to each other is that we simply have the same personality traits. We understand each other because we grew up doing things together.

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