Collocation – Feelings

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1. At his mother’s funeral, he was so incapacitated / overwhelmed /seething with emotion that he
couldn’t finish his speech.


2. I was deeply / pleasantly / significantly surprised by the excellent customer service – that company
really cares about its customers.


3. I’m sorry I forgot / lost / wrecked my temper with you yesterday. It was a really stressful day at


4. Instead of confronting his issues, he bottles / guards / rolls up his emotions and tries to pretend
everything’s OK.


5. It’s normal to go through a helicopter / roller coaster / ocean wave of emotions after the end of a
long-term relationship.


6. My mother was worried bad / ill / sick when it passed midnight and my brother still hadn’t come


7. The boss was pleasantly / sickly / visibly annoyed when the employees told him about the


8. The fans were seething with anger / disappointment / temper when the team lost the game in the
last 5 minutes.


9. We’re badly / horribly / terribly sorry, but we won’t be able to go to your graduation.


10. We’re blissfully / immensely / largely grateful for all the help you’ve given us in this project.


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