Ngữ pháp hay gặp trong IELTS -part 1 (Thầy Anh)

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Các cấu trúc ngữ pháp hay gặp trong IELTS (part 1)(Thầy Anh)  

1. it is…(tính từ) + to verb 

It is difficult to cook for me 

2. There is/are + danh từ 

There was/ were + danh từ 

There has been…. (Hiện tại hoàn thành) 

VD: There has been a new building in my hometown. 


(truyện cổ tích hay có câu) 

There lived a  poor man in a village.  (it dung) 

3.  as……as ( so sánh bằng ) 

  • Tính từ 

S + to be+ as+ tính từ+ as 

The sales of Company A is as high as that of Company B 

Not as + tinh từ + as ( phủ định)

Note: Diễn đạt gấp mấy lần

twice as +tinh tu + as (gấp 2)

Three times as + tinh tu +as (gấp 3)

Tương tự cho gấp 4, 5….

The population of India is ten times as high as that of Vietnam 

  • Trạng từ

Verb + as adv + as

The house prices increased as quickly as the previous year

4. So ….that 

So + tinh từ + that ( quá…đến nỗi) 

The door is so narrow that I cannot go through 

So+ trạng từ  + that 

He runs so fast that I can not catch him. 

Fast: tinh tu, trang tu 

the economy of Vietnam has developed so rapidly that foreigners are amazed/surprised

5. Such … that 

Such + cụm danh từ  (tinh tu + danh tu) that ( quá …đến nỗi)

New York is  such_a vibrant city that I would like to visit. 

Note: không nhất thiết phải dùng such… that 

New York is  such_a vibrant city

New York is so vibrant 

The restaurant is so (very) cozy and luxurious. 

6. so that 

So that + mệnh đề ( đưa ra mục đích) 

The government should invest more in education so that all children can go to school.  

7. Các cụm từ chỉ mục đích khác 

to, in order to + V nguyên thể 

I am trying to study hard to get scholarship 

-> I am trying to study hard so that I can get scholarship 

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