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I am gonna talk_about… (đưa ra dự định nói)

I am gonna talk_about my memorable trip

2. The first thing/reason  (why) I like the movie is….  (đưa ra lí do tại sao…)

…..: the characters are beautiful and well played/acted.  

3. as well as: and (bổ sung thông tin)

The reason I like Son tung is (that) He is  talented as well as handsome  

Note: sau as well as: từ, cụm từ 

4. When_it comes to… (đề cập chủ đề gì đó)

When it comes to sports, I am into football very much. 

5. Câu kết luận 

In conclusion, That is all I want/would like  to say. 

That’s all/ I’m done/ I’m finished 

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