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Dang bai process ( Thay Anh)  

Bo cuc cua bai quy trinh process 

Mo bai: neu quy trinh dung lam gi? ( Can viet lai (paraphrase) de bai) 

Overview: Quy trinh gom bao nhieu buoc ( buoc dau va ket thuc) 

Than bai: Theo thứ tự Nội dung của từng bước 

Ket bai ( co hoac ko) 

Chu ý: 

– Dung hien tai don, chia bi dong 

Cau bi dong 

S+ to be ( is/are/am) + p2 

After, before 

Buoc 1 . Buoc 2 

Cach 1: BUoc1. Then, BUoc 2 

Cách 2: BUoc 1 Before Buoc 2 

Sau  before: 

  • Menh de 
  • Cum danh tu 
  • V_ing 

Các từ có nghĩa “Tiếp theo”:


Then, and then 

after that, 

At this point


After which

Mo bai: 

The diagram shows the process of….

-> The diagram shows/ illustrates/involves  the steps for ….

Viet lai de bai o vi du tren 

The diagram involves the steps for recycling plastic bottles. 

Cau overview 

Cach 1: Overall, there are … steps from… to….

Cach 2: It takes ….. steps from…to…. 

Ap dung vi du 

Overall, there are 7 steps from consumers using plastic bottles to    plastic recycled products 

Overall, there are 7 steps from plastic bottles used by consumers  to   plastic recycled products

Overall, there are 7 steps from used plastic bottles   to   plastic recycled products

Viet than bai 

Tu nghia la dau tien 

First, initially, in the beginning 

Tiep theo: da trinh bay o tren 

Cuoi cung: finally, in the end 

The first step is that Plastic bottles are used by consumers 

Initially,  Plastic bottles are used by consumers. Then, Plastic bottles are collected and put in recycling bins. Next, recycling bins are transported to recycling plant. 

Then, Plastic bottles are collected and put in recycling bins before being transported to recycling plant.

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