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The only way to be successful in business is to be good at maths. Do go agree or disagree?


successful in business/ maths 

Proposition: The only way to be successful in business is to be good at maths


– understanding the numbers well -> making proper business decisions –
– maths helps people think more logically -> increasing the chance of success in business. 

– many people are successful in business without being good at maths but administration  -> hire people good at maths – Communicational skills, and teamwork skill… are required (more important than calculation skills) to be successful in business 

Introduction: It is believed that the only way to achieve success in the domain of business is to excel in maths. Although I do think that mathematics skills play a crucial role in the success of one’s business, they are not the only key component. Therefore, I personally do not agree with the stated belief. This essay will explain my point of view.

Topic 1: On the one hand, some people argue that a successful businessman must be good at maths

Topic 2:  Maths is not only the key to become successful in business because there are other more significant skills.

Summary: To sum up, being good at maths is crucial. However, this is not adequate to win in business. In addition to math science, you also need other skills mentioned above.

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