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  • Films and computer games which contain violence are very popular. Some people believe they have a negative effect on society and so should be banned. Other people, however, say they are just harmless and help people to relax. Discuss both these points of view and give your own opinion.

Dạng bài: opinion

Mở bài

  • Nêu topic
  • Nêu view bài
  • View của mình (chuyển xuống kết bài)

Thân bài

  • Body 1 (view 1)
  •  Topic sentence
  • Main idea 1 + support
  • Main idea 2 + support
  • …….
  • Body 2 (view 2)

Kết bài:

  • Nêu lại quan điểm
  • New idea ( nếu có)


Topic: film computer

Type: discussion (both views)

Your own view:

Bố cục

  • Mở bài: topic (fact)+ view 1, view 2, (quan điểm của mình)
  • Thân bài: đoạn 1 ( view 1), đoạn(view 2)
  • Kết bài: nhắc lại quan điểm
View 1 Imitate violent scenes in films    
More aggressive when playing violent games Affect mental health Bad behavior                
View 2       Relieve stress -> recreational activity Players’ brain active/sharp   Harmless -> violent only on films    
  Violent science causes negative repercussion, especially in children ->more aggressive ->crime Mental diseases, illusion Film addicts -> do not have time for study/work            Release stress -> recreational activity Players’ brain active/sharp   Harmless -> only happen on games  

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