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I’m going to talk about an English dessert called trifle. This is a dish that people usually eat in sum m er and it’s been very popular since the 1950s. It’s made from fruit, cake, custard  and jelly and we often eat it with some cream. Trifle is really easy to make because it doesn’t actually need cooking. Um first of all, you cut up some cake into slices and then you put the slices of cake into a bowl. Some people like to cover the cake in sherry otherwise it can go a bit hard. Next you need to chop up some fruit but you can’t use just any fruit; it must be berries  such as strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. After covering the cake with berries, you need to make some jelly and pour this over the fruit. When the jelly has cooled it’s time to add custard. You can use a tin of custard but it’s better to make your own – people can always tell the difference. Finally, add the cream. It’s best to only use a little cream because trifle is quite
rich. And then put a few raspberries on the top for decoration. I love it because of the mix of fruit and sweet custard

Thầy Anh IELTS

thầy anh ielts

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