sample process of heating a house

The  diagram shows the process of heating a house by a wood pellet boiler system

Overall, The wood pellet boiler  system consists of four main components: pellet storage, boiler, hot water tank, and Radiator 

Firstly, wood pellets were delivered to the house that is equipped with wood pellet boiler system.  Wood pellets are kept in pellet storage house. Next, wood pellets go to a boiler that burns wood to generate hot water. From here, Hot water moves up to the hot water tank that is connected to the shower. If water in Hot water tank is cold, it moves down and goes to the boiler to be heated again. After that,  from the boiler, hot water also moves up to radiator that turns hot water into cool water before moving down and going to the boiler. This process repeats itself.  Finally, Hot water tank, radiator, and boiler together are connected, which provides heat for underfloor

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