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Task 2: financial support for elderly people

Government shouldn’t have to provide care or financial support for elderly people because it is the responsibility of each person to prepare for retirement and support him or herself. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 


Nowadays, the world population is aging, and this puts pressure on society. Therefore, it is said that each person should have a financial plan after their retirement and the Government doesn’t have to aid retired people. I disagree with this idea and in this essay, I will present my view.

Firstly, When people retire, they don’t have a salary anymore. Furthermore, Elderly people’s health is not as good as young people. They may easily be able to have aging-related-diseases such as heart stroke, cancer…Provided that they were sick, they would have to pay a lot of money for high hospital expenses. However, most elderly can not afford this finance if the Government does not pay for them.

Secondly, the Government should play an important role in supporting the elderly. When retired people were still young, they were working and paying taxes for the Government. Moreover, They devoted themself for the development as well as the wealth of society. Therefore, It is true that  they certainly get deserving allowances which belong to them.

Last but not least, Each person needs to have a backup plan for their future.  If The Government is unlikely to help them, for example, because of budget deficiency, The elderly will still  have to care for themself instead of expecting the Government’s help.

In summary, the Government should have to aid its retirees for their great contributions. Despite the fact that each person also should  prepare financially, so they assure a decent life after they stop working. (251 words) 


Từ vựng về sự thay đổi: ielts vocabulary for change

Điền các từ trong bảng vào “show more”

adapt adjust alter cure
demote disappear dissolve exchange
expand fade increase promote
reduce renew renovate replace
swell switch transform vary

.a) We need to

these cars so disabled people can drive them.
1.b) The country found it hard to
to the new government.

2.a) If the trousers are too tight, take them back to the shop and ask them to

2.b) He found it hard to
to living in a tropical country.

3.a) You must

transform t
he voltage or the system will blow up.
3.b) He decided to
his appearance by having plastic surgery.

4.a) Our bills will be less if we

from gas to electricity.
4.b) They had to
switch f
lights at Heathrow Airport.

5.a) You can’t

the terms of the contract once it has been signed.
5.b) He wants to
his appearance.

6.a) It will help your digestion if you

your diet.
6.b) Prices of flats
from a few thousand to millions of pounds.

7.a) We need to

our pounds for dollars.
7.b) You can usually
goods which are faulty if you show the receipt.

8.a) We have had to

our sales force to cope with the extra demand.
8.b) Water will
when it is frozen.

9.a) The price of oil will

next year.
9.b) Most bosses refuse to
salaries when they are asked.

10.a) The management decided to

the company and sell the offices.
the sugar in boiling water.

11.a) More and more people are moving to cities to

the population there.
11.b) The wasp sting caused his leg to
swell u

12.a) The market for typewriters will probably

completely in the next few years.
12.b) The police are baffled by the increasing number of people who
each year.

13.a) The old contract ran out and we had to r

enew i
13.b) Many people argue that it’s futile to
old hostilities.

14.a) They have received funds to

the old buildings.
14.b) We need to
the central heating as it is old and worn out.

15.a) The boss offered to

him from salesman to manager.
15.b) Our main aim is to
promote t
ourism in the country.

16.a) They wanted to

me from manager to salesperson.
16.b) If we
you, you will lose a large part of your salary.

17.a) If you wash it too much, the colour will f

17.b) We watched the islands
away into the distance.

18.a) The company decided to

the permanent staff with freelancers.
18.b) You must
the books on the shelf when you have finished with them.

19.a) The doctors were unable to

her the illness.
meat in salt water for between three and five days.

20.a) Governments are trying to

20.b) The best way to save money is to
the number of staff.



Một số chủ đề hay ra trong phần thi speaking part 2

1. Describe a museum

1)  How often do you visit the museum?

2)  Which type of museum is popular in your country?

3)  Why do you want to visit the museum?


  • What do you think of the importance of museums in history?
  • How do you think of the heritage of a country?
  • Compare the museums nowadays and in the past

2. Describe your favorite photograph

1)  Where was the photo taken?

2)  Who took the photo?

3)  What can be seen from the photo?

4)  Explain why it is the favorite photograph for you.


  • How to take good photo?
  • When do people use camera?
  • How can the new technology put cinema’s skill advanced?

3. The important historic place

1)  What is the place?

2)  Where is it located?

3)  Why do you think it is important?


  • What do you think of the historic place in the future?
  • Will the government increase or decrease the safety guard?
  • What are the changes to the local people and economy?
  • What is the impact on the historic place by tourists?

4. Describe a party

1)  What is the party?

2)  Why was the party held?

3)  Who attended the party?

4)  What did you do for that party?


  • What’s the difference between serious party and friendly party?
  • Why are some people late for parties intentionally?
  • Why do some people like party while others hate it?
  • What would you do if the guests feel bored?
  • Will there be more and more people to attend parties?

5. Describe a subject taught in your school?

1)  Who teaches it?

2)  How is it taught?

3)  What do you learn from the class?


  • Is there any difference between the traditional and modern educational systems?
  • What are the pros and cons of the current educational system in your country?
  • Do you think it is necessary to give comment or criticism to teachers?