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Cách viết câu phức- thầy anh ielts

Câu phức

Complex sentence là câu chứa 1 mệnh đề độc lập và ít nhất 1 mênh đề phụ thuộc (subordinate clause)

Ví dụ

Parks should be replaced by new buildings   because there is not enough accomodation for residents.

Parks should be replaced by new buildings   là mệnh đề độc lập

There is not enough accomodation for residents là mệnh đề phụ thuộc vì chứa subodinating conjunction (because) ở phía trước

Có 4 loại từ nối khác nhau trong câu phức

  1. Because, since, as: đưa ra nguyên nhân

Ví dụ: Parks should be replaced by new buildings   as there is not enough accomodation for residents.

  • Though, although, while, even though: đưa ra sự tương phản

Ví dụ: Many people go traveling though corona virus outbreak has been widespread

  • After, as, since, before, until, when, while: Chỉ thời gian hay chuỗi sự kiện

Ví dụ: the living area has been polluted since a factory was built nearby

  • If, unless: đưa ra điều kiện

Ví dụ: I will study abroad unless I pass the university entrance exam

Thầy Anh IELTS

thầy anh ielts

Task 2: financial support for elderly people

Government shouldn’t have to provide care or financial support for elderly people because it is the responsibility of each person to prepare for retirement and support him or herself. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 


Nowadays, the world population is aging, and this puts pressure on society. Therefore, it is said that each person should have a financial plan after their retirement and the Government doesn’t have to aid retired people. I disagree with this idea and in this essay, I will present my view.

Firstly, When people retire, they don’t have a salary anymore. Furthermore, Elderly people’s health is not as good as young people. They may easily be able to have aging-related-diseases such as heart stroke, cancer…Provided that they were sick, they would have to pay a lot of money for high hospital expenses. However, most elderly can not afford this finance if the Government does not pay for them.

Secondly, the Government should play an important role in supporting the elderly. When retired people were still young, they were working and paying taxes for the Government. Moreover, They devoted themself for the development as well as the wealth of society. Therefore, It is true that  they certainly get deserving allowances which belong to them.

Last but not least, Each person needs to have a backup plan for their future.  If The Government is unlikely to help them, for example, because of budget deficiency, The elderly will still  have to care for themself instead of expecting the Government’s help.

In summary, the Government should have to aid its retirees for their great contributions. Despite the fact that each person also should  prepare financially, so they assure a decent life after they stop working. (251 words) 


Cấu trúc hay dùng trong bài task 1

Cấu trúc hay dùng trong bài task 1(topic: Coronavirus)

As, while, although +Clause 1, Clause 2

While the number of Corona infected cases in Korea increased dramatically, that of Vietnam decreased gradually

Clause, Followed by + Phrase

The number of Coronavirus cases in Vietnam fell in february, followed by a quick growth in March

 Clause, before (prior to) + V-ing + number

The amount of money lost on  Coronavirus declined drastically to 100 million dollars in June, before reaching to 200 million dollars in July

 Clause + compared to + Phrase

The number of patients who recovered from Coronavirus outbreak increased to 3000 in January, compared to 5000 in March

Clause, making it + Superlative

The number of Corona Cases in China was 70000 in March, making it the highest one in the year