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Hướng dẫn viết câu support bài essay

Which -> giải thích rõ hơn cho mệnh đề trước đó

Violence games pose a threat to antisocial behaviours, which will increase crime rates

(which thay cho cả ý trước đó)

Note ( Nếu không dùng which -> this) : 2 câu

Violence games pose a threat to antisocial behaviours. This will increase crime rates

Resulting in=leading to (+ cụm từ) -> Kết quả của sự việc

More and more vehicles are on the roads, resulting in increasing traffic jams and accidents

Making it +(tính từ hoặc cụm từ) -> Bình luận

The population reached 100 million in 2022, making it the highest over 10 years.

For example -> Đưa ra ví dụ

Nowadays, young people do not tend to live with their old parents all over the world. For example, In the USA, according to a recent survey, 90% of youngsters want to live on their own.

Bài mẫu pie chart

(252 words)

The Two pie charts compare how Science students chose majors in   2015 and 2016.

Overall, It can be seen that the major subjects which were chosen by most students in 2015, 2016 were Physics, Chemistry respectively. 

        Regarding 2015,  the percentage of students choosing Physics was the highest, which accounted for 35%. Next, chemistry has a bit lower percentage(30%) compared to Physics. Botany accounted for 25% which was 5% lower than chemistry. Interestingly, the proportion of students studying biology was the lowest, accounting for 10%.

  In terms of 2016,  Chemistry saw a dramatic increase in 2016, and it also accounted for the largest percentage 40%. Next, there was a rapid decrease in physics, from 35% in 2015 to 25% in 2016. And then, The percentage of students studying biology saw a significant rise to 15%. Botany was the less popular chosen subject which decreased strongly from 25% in 2015 to 10% in 2016. 

speaking part 2: shopping for clothes

Describe a place where you go shopping for clothes

You should say:

  • Where you usually go
  • how often you shop for clothes
  • how you choose your clothes
  • and explain why you go there

(presented by Thay Anh IELTS)

Shopping is my hobby. so I often spend my free time doing shopping. I  used to buy clothes from various stores, from small ones to shopping malls. But now I am really interested in buying clothes from a  store called “ABC” that is about 1 km away from my home. 

Since I Knew this store, I  often go there twice or three times a month to get my beautiful clothes. You know, I think this store quite satisfies my need because it provides a wide range of clothes, materials, sizes so I can choose outfits that suit me well.

To get suitable clothes, I will choose style first.  I am a young person so dynamic clothes will fit me best. Next, I pay attention to material. I love leather most because it makes me more masculine. 

Besides, Prices at the store are affordable, only 20-30 dollars.   Shop assistants here are very friendly and hospitable. They always help me find the clothes that I very love. I also like the guarantee program of the shop. After bringing clothes home, If I do not like them anymore, in ten days I can bring them back to the store and get full 100% cashback. I think this store is my best choice when buying clothes in my city (Thay Anh IELTS)  

speaking part 3: Air pollution


Air pollution is due to various causes, such as burning fossil fuels and emission of hazardous pollutants released by factories and automobiles, e.g Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.


  • Air pollution causes many health problems, such as respiratory diseases, eye irritation, and premature newborn babies.
  • Air pollution can destroy the ozone layer that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun and consequently, air pollution contributes to global warming.
  • Air pollution damages natural resources and leads to ecosystem degradation and poor air quality.


  • Air pollution can be reduced by implementing energy efficiency programmes, introducing vehicle emission standard, expanding car replacement programmes
  • Extending environmentally-friendly means of transport, expanding transport facilities: park-and-ride-terminal, providing carpool facilities
  • Regular check-ups for cars should be obligatory
  • Using more efficient engines and modern exhaust-filtering devices
  • Using cleaner fuels
  • Developing tree planting programmes

Discussion questions:

Why is air pollution a global health concern?

Because air pollution creates many health problems that would reduce people’s life quality all over the world. Furthermore, air pollution contributes to the damage of the Ozone layer without which we cannot survive. Last but not least, it also destroys the habitat of wild animals, affecting negatively to ecology system.

2. Do you think anti-pollution measures should be a high priority?

Yes absolutely, because air pollution is global health concern. I think people all over the world and their governments should prioritize the programmes for acting against air pollution. All nations need hand in hand to build a world without air pollution.

3. What can large cities do to improve their air quality?

Firstly, They need to carry out energy efficiency programmes, like introducing vehicle emission standards. So a large number of cars which produce excessive exhaust fume are not allowed to be on roads.

Secondly, Cities should develop public transportation. This can helps reduce the number of cars and traffic jams.

Finally, Cities encourage citizens to use electric cars that don’t produce exhaust fume.

Collocation – Family

1. A friend of mine gave / took / went birth to her son at home with the help of a nurse.


2. A number of the kids in my classroom come from broken / damaged / hurt homes.


3.  After a hostile / cruel / bitter divorce from his wife of 20 years, the actor married a woman young enough to be his daughter.


4.  I see my excepted / expanded / extended family once a year, during our annual family vacation.


5.  I was raised in a very joyful / loving / tender family, in which everyone helped each other.


6.  I was created / grown / raised by my grandparents after my parents passed away.


7.  I’m on good friends / relations / terms with all my former boyfriends.


8.  John had a carefree / careful / careless childhood, growing up with happily married parents and
three brothers


9.  Many women regret giving / having / taking an abortion y


10. My aunt’s going through a messy / sloppy / untidy divorce; she’s paying a fortune in legal fees.


11. My husband doesn’t get along with a few of my family people / individuals / members.


12. Although my salary is low, I get child assistance / provision / support from my ex-husband.


13. My sister got / had / made pregnant immediately after she got married.


14.  My son is making a diagram of our family roots / tree / web for a school project.


15.  My wife is pregnant with twins. They’re come / due / here in February.


16. Sally was granted sole custody / guardian / keeping of the children from her first marriage.


17.  Teenagers who had a distressed / troubled / worsened childhood often have behavior problems in school.


18.  The celebrity wrote a book about his debilitated / defective / dysfunctional family


19. The divorce contract / reimbursement / settlement awarded the wife $500,000.


20. There are four people in my close / immediate / neighboring family.


21.  They have three biological children and two adopted / adoptive / adopting children.


Thầy a nh hướng dẫn “mẹo” nghe part 1

Sơ lược qua part 1 ( trước gọi là section 1 nhé)

Đoạn hội thoại mô tả cuộc trò chuyện liên quan việc đăng ký, mua sắm dịch vụ gì đó: khách sạn, nhà hàng, sản phẩm…

Part 1 là phần nghe dễ nhất trong 4 phần nghe của IELTS

Bạn Cần trả lời 10 câu liên quan đến nội dung bài nghe như: tên người, số tiền, số điện thoại, tuổi… và một số thông tin khác

Các từ cần điền là từ có nói (đề cập) ở trong bài, không được điền từ ở bên ngoài vào. Trừ vài trường hợp liên quan Anh-Anh và Anh-Mỹ. Ví dụ Có 1 câu đáp án là “Car park” mà bạn đã nghe trong bài. Tuy nhiên bạn cũng có thể điền là “parking lot” . Tốt nhất là điền từ mà mình nghe được các bạn nhé.

Một số mẹo nghe cho part 1 cùng Thầy Anh IELTS

Làm rõ số từ, số cần điền

One word and/or a number: bạn chỉ có thể viết 1 từ, 1 số hoặc 1 từ + 1 số nhé!

Bảng Alphabet

Bài nghe chắc chắn có đánh vần tên nên bạn cần thuộc bảng chữ cái Alphabet nhé và luyện trước nhé.

Tránh phát âm sai H /eɪtʃ/ và 8 /eɪt/ và chú ý sự khác nhau âm đuôi giữa H và 8 nhé. Rất nhiều bạn sẽ sai khi phải điền dãy post code như: jeb8fh

Cẩn thận tránh mắc bẫy.

Ví dụ như sau:

Câu hỏi: what is the price of one night at hotel?

Các bạn nghe: The price used to be 200 dollars. But today is our 20th anniversary, so we offer you a 20% sale off. You will be charged 160 dollars instead.

Một số bạn sẽ điền 200, vậy là không đúng nhé. Các bạn chú ý từ khóa màu xanh, và đáp án là 160

-> Nên tốt nhất là điền 2 con số vào nháp rồi cân nhắc nhé (nếu bạn đang phân vân)

Cụm từ đồng nghĩa

Các bạn cần có vốn từ vựng nhất định vì đôi khi bài yêu cầu người nghe phải biết được các cụm từ đồng nghĩa ( điều này rõ nhất ở part 2 trở đi nhé) . Ví dụ

Câu hỏi: where will the meeting be held?

Các bạn nghe: the meeting will be taken place in room 2

Ở đây “held” đồng nghĩa với “taken place”

Luyện tập một bài bên dưới đây cùng Thầy Anh IELTS các bạn nhé!

Các lỗi hay gặp trong bài viết IELTS: 5 lỗi dùng từ (Thầy Anh IELTS)

Qua việc chữa bài, Thầy Anh IELTS phát hiện ra các bạn học sinh của thầy sai nhiều lỗi khác nhau, trong bài này thầy chỉ ra lỗi “dùng từ” nhé!

1. Lỗi thiếu (thừa) s khi chia động từ

Đây là lỗi kinh điển, kể cả các bạn học khá nhé. Các bạn cần ôn lại phần hòa hợp giữa chủ từ và động từ để viết chính xác hơn nhé.

2. Lỗi thừa s khi viết số (number)

Có bạn viết câu như sau:

Population of Vietnam is nearly 100 millions people in 2020.

Chú ý sau “million” không có “s” em nhé

Viết lại Population of Vietnam is nearly 100 million people in 2020.

Tượng tự cho hàng trăm, hàng nghìn nhé đều không có “s” đằng sau nhé.

3. Lỗi khi chia phân từ hai

Lỗi này do một số bạn chưa phân biệt được câu chủ động, bị động hoặc không thuộc động từ bất quy tắc.

The sales are increase quickly in 2000.

Phân tích:

  1. Câu này viết theo bị động (thay vì chủ động)
  2. Nếu là bị động thì increase lại không chia phân từ 2

Sửa lại: the sales increase quickly in 2000

4. Lỗi Sử dụng trạng từ và tính từ lẫn lộn

Coffee production has a substantially growth in the first five years.

Phân tích: Trước Growth cần dùng tính từ, câu trên substantially là trạng từ

Viết lại: Coffee production has a substantial growth in the first five years.

5. Một số từ thông dụng hay viết thiếu s

Besides (ngoài ra) hay viết thiếu “s” là beside (next to)

Tượng tự, một số từ hay viết thiếu s như: Nowadays, always, three times…

Hướng dẫn viết câu phức ielts writing

Câu phức

Complex sentence là câu chứa 1 mệnh đề độc lập và ít nhất 1 mênh đề phụ thuộc (subordinate clause)

Ví dụ

Parks should be replaced by new buildings   because there is not enough accomodation for residents.

Parks should be replaced by new buildings   là mệnh đề độc lập

There is not enough accomodation for residents là mệnh đề phụ thuộc vì chứa subodinating conjunction (because) ở phía trước

Có 4 loại từ nối khác nhau trong câu phức

  1. Because, since, as: đưa ra nguyên nhân

Ví dụ: Parks should be replaced by new buildings   as there is not enough accomodation for residents.

  • Though, although, while, even though: đưa ra sự tương phản

Ví dụ: Many people go traveling though corona virus outbreak has been widespread

  • After, as, since, before, until, when, while: Chỉ thời gian hay chuỗi sự kiện

Ví dụ: the living area has been polluted since a factory was built nearby

  • If, unless: đưa ra điều kiện

Ví dụ: I will study abroad unless I pass the university entrance exam

Thầy Anh IELTS

thầy anh ielts

Task 2: financial support for elderly people

Government shouldn’t have to provide care or financial support for elderly people because it is the responsibility of each person to prepare for retirement and support him or herself. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 


Nowadays, the world population is aging, and this puts pressure on society. Therefore, it is said that each person should have a financial plan after their retirement and the Government doesn’t have to aid retired people. I disagree with this idea and in this essay, I will present my view.

Firstly, When people retire, they don’t have a salary anymore. Furthermore, Elderly people’s health is not as good as young people. They may easily be able to have aging-related-diseases such as heart stroke, cancer…Provided that they were sick, they would have to pay a lot of money for high hospital expenses. However, most elderly can not afford this finance if the Government does not pay for them.

Secondly, the Government should play an important role in supporting the elderly. When retired people were still young, they were working and paying taxes for the Government. Moreover, They devoted themself for the development as well as the wealth of society. Therefore, It is true that  they certainly get deserving allowances which belong to them.

Last but not least, Each person needs to have a backup plan for their future.  If The Government is unlikely to help them, for example, because of budget deficiency, The elderly will still  have to care for themself instead of expecting the Government’s help.

In summary, the Government should have to aid its retirees for their great contributions. Despite the fact that each person also should  prepare financially, so they assure a decent life after they stop working. (251 words) 


Cấu trúc hay dùng trong bài task 1

Cấu trúc hay dùng trong bài task 1(topic: Coronavirus)

As, while, although +Clause 1, Clause 2

While the number of Corona infected cases in Korea increased dramatically, that of Vietnam decreased gradually

Clause, Followed by + Phrase

The number of Coronavirus cases in Vietnam fell in february, followed by a quick growth in March

 Clause, before (prior to) + V-ing + number

The amount of money lost on  Coronavirus declined drastically to 100 million dollars in June, before reaching to 200 million dollars in July

 Clause + compared to + Phrase

The number of patients who recovered from Coronavirus outbreak increased to 3000 in January, compared to 5000 in March

Clause, making it + Superlative

The number of Corona Cases in China was 70000 in March, making it the highest one in the year